We heard it on the radio…..or was it the wireless….or was it streaming……

This is just a little ditty about some community radio folks who play your songs and play them proudly. They tell people who normally would have only heard about you if they went to festivals, LIVE music venues or knew you as a support act for the support act at some big gig. These are the people who genuinely love you and your music unconditionally and volunteer at community radio stations to play your music because they genuinely believe in you. They spend hours planning programmes, organizing interviews, buy their own music (for the most part) and go to gigs and festivals and follow you like a stalker……well a nice stalker. It is done out of passion. They do not expect anything from you, but we all get something from you – the artists – that money can’t buy….your appreciation. You include us in your musical family. This is a fun look at some of us. I can only judge on people that I have listened to….transmission is not always great. These are only community radio people and most of them are my friends.

Leonie: Awright! Let us take you to the Tamworth Country Music Festival on 2RRR, (the pirate station)…..Awright! Here’s Ben Ransom with a double….Awright…..and after that we’ll have a double from John Stephan…..we have an interview with Phoebe Jay…..coming up….Awright!

Bob Browne: What about this guy, Leonie? He’s had hit after hit after hit, after hit….

Kaz: Bob…..Bob….he’s only had one song out….

(Bob falls off chair)

Kaz: Here is one of my favourites….

Bob: They are all your favourites, Kaz.

Kaz: Yes, but this is a sista from another mista….

Bob: Not a brother from another mother?

Kaz: No, he’s coming up later….

Beth: Is that a brand spanking new one, Kaz?

Kaz: Um, no, um a classic Beth.

Beth: Fiddledeediddledeedum…..er, just trying to find the updiddledeeuptum album. Hmmmm. Yes! There it is.

Susan Lily: Giggles

Vickiree: We’ve got car races on at the Nambucca Raceway and it is 25 degrees, freezing here in Northern NSW……here’s some rockin’ country for ya!

Kylie Adams-Collier: Here’s some sunshine for you, Vickiree….it’s only 5 degrees here in wherever I am broadcasting from this week but there’s always sunshine and rainbows for you here….(little butterflies fly out of your radio, wireless, computer and an animated Snow White sings)

Beth: It’s cold at Yass but I am warm inside of the studio….here’s Rick Hart and Col Finley to warm you all up a bit more……

Jen Mize: What are y’all going on about…..we’re a serious radio program tackling the big issues and playing intellectuals.

Paddy McHugh: What Jen said.

Terry: Sooze, I have an old bloke on the phone requesting Slim Dusty…..can’t find the record, could you sing Duncan for him….

Susan Lily: I’d love to have a beer with Kaz, because Kaz’s me mate….giggles.

Kaz: I think that you’ve already had one, Sis. I’m here with Bob Browne and Country Onnnnnnnnnnnn  How’s everybody out there in radioland?

Bob: Hello to Gayle and Kerry-Jane and Melissa Robertson….Hey Kaz, ain’t she your Sister from another Mister?

Kaz: Yes she is. Here’s Sir Allan Caswell with my favourite trees, The Weeping Willows….

Leonie: Awright! Renee Jonas is coming in soon…..she is caught in traffic…in the meantime, here’s another song from Ben Ransom! Oh, it’s not working…nevermind…here is Kora Naughton, LIVE in the studio with Ben Ransom!

Beth: Fiddledeefumdiddy  I love this song….coming up an is an interview with Angus Gill…..so here is a song from the young man after these messages….

Bob: No. 10 is…

Kaz: We’re up to no. 3, Bob.

Leonie: Awright! Renee is here. Let’s get goofy on Facebook! Hello Kaz!

Kylie Adams-Collier: The sun is still shining here….we have some Anthony Baxter to take you to news time….have a lovely day everybody!

(Part one of a bit of Community Radio silliness)




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