Totally Biased Fan Review: Dawn of the Dark – Tori Forsyth

I have been lucky enough to see Tori LIVE, quite a few times now. Most recently, I saw her at The Spotted Mallard in Melbourne. With Aleyce Simmonds and Shane Nicholson in her team, the girl can’t really go wrong, but to have such illustrious company in the first place, you have to be just a little bit talented.  After the fabulous Blackbird EEP (please see review), you knew that she had to keep going and she has gone from the EEP to the LP and it is a bottler.

The Alt. Country Artist, who could easily crossover, like Kasey Chambers did, and Imogen Clark probably will, still has her music firmly grounded with rich country influences. There are references to Stevie Nicks in some reviews,  and though I can hear a bit of that Bella Donna album kind of stuff, I think that Tori has a sound of her own, or at least a mixture of several styles and artists.

The songs are rich melodically and the lyrics are multi-layered. I was a fan from the first time that I heard her. You can hear the influences of Shane Nicholson and Aleyce Simmonds in her songs, but also the influences of 60’s folksters and there is a lot of blues in there.

There is sufficient torch and twang and  all of the instruments that make country strong, like fiddles, country guitars and even a bit of banjo. Tori’s voice has a purity to it. It drifts over rollicking tracks that are like wheels going smoothly over a bumpy country road.

There have been a few singles lifted off the album already and there will be more to come. This is the polished album that you would expect from a fine young artist and a team of amazing musicians and one of our finest producers. Shane is like those directors of awesome movies in Hollywood who know actors because they were great actors themselves. Shane is the same with musos, he knows what makes them tick and he makes them tick tock.

There are songs to stomp to, songs to hum to and songs to sing along to.

I love Heart’s On the Ground, Grave Robber’s Daughter and Violet Town the best. They are all wonderful tracks from a young artist who just goes from strength to strength.

This has been a long hoped for album. I am glad that it has finally arrived.



  1. Grave Robber’s Daughter
  2. Broke Machine
  3. Snow White
  4. Redemption
  5. Heart’s On The Ground
  6. Fiddle
  7. In The Morning
  8. Hell’s Lullaby
  9. War Zone
  10. Violet Town
  11. White Noise
  12. Kings Horses

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