Totally Biased Fan Review: Blake O’Connor – Self titled EEP

Sadly, there is very little information available on Blake O’Connor. I was told that he was on X Factor (not a show that I watch for political and personal reasons) and I was told that he was one to watch by my fellow country music tragics.

The latter, I totally agree with. What an amazing voice for one so young. He sings with the maturity of a 30 year old.  As I only have the Itunes download at this point, I don’t have any credits for the songs, though I have a feeling that there are a couple of covers here, amongst some originals. All of the songs are very playable.

There is quite a buzz about this teenager from New South Wales. He is unmistakably country, though the shades vary slightly from song to song.

I particularly love Won’t Be Missing You. He does a wonderful job on this song. I love Six String too. There are some great twangy guitars on this one.

There are a couple of songs where the guitars are at full throttle and they sound almost Bryan Adamsish….and there is nothing wrong with that.

Believe in Love is probably my favourite, with some bluesy guitars and Blake follows suit, getting into the bluesy vibe.

If this is the type of stuff that we are going to get from Blake and a launching pad for future projects, then we are in for lots of treats. Definitely one to watch.

Turn your ears on.


Travelin’ Man


Won’t Be Missing You

Six String

Life On The Road (E)

Believe in Love

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