Totally Biased Fan Review: Mr Jukebox – Joshua Hedley

There is a massive buzz around and about country music circles for this wonderful artist. This is Joshua’s debut album (he previously had an EEP out). The moment that your eyes hit the cover of this album, you are in two minds. For people like myself who love covers, liner notes and the vintage look, you pick up on that effect straight away. The titles in top corner, a picture of the artist (and nothing obscure) in a full on shot; the said artist in a cowboy hat and a suit (despite the modern twist) and a border. Very typical of vintage records.

Aside from the fact that tatts are slightly revealed and the suit is rather garish, this is a classic cover.

There is a classic cover on this album, the only non-original track, When You Wish Upon A Star, sung slightly differently to the original.

These days, I rarely write reviews on American Country Music Artists these days, because there aren’t that many good ones in the new breed. However, I have about 8 on my plate at the moment and frankly, I am very glad.

Joshua is one of the ones who are leading the pack. What Joshua does differently, is that he takes you back in time. When I started playing it, I thought that I had one of my Dad’s records on. It has that 50’s/60’s feel. He has that wonderful old time voice. It is rich, melodic and very, very, country.

There’s no mistaking this Florida boy for an FGL member, that’s for sure. The songs all sound familiar, to someone of my vintage or older. They would make Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Charlie Rich, George Jones and co. very excited.

The cover song, apparently is a nod to Joshua’s father. This guy is just the bee’s knees. He’s a shining light for all of us who like the old style with a fresh coat of paint.

A lot of my muso friends urged me to buy this album and I am so glad that I listened.

There are a lot of crying, hurting songs. This session player and popular fiddle player shows the big guys how to dance with a special formula. I think that I will make Weird Thought Thinker my new theme song. I absolutely love that one.

All of the songs are fabulous. I am interested in what direction Joshua will take. He has been quoted as quoting the famous quote: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I hope that he stands by that. He has a little edge to him with his quirkiness in attire and tattoos, but his songs are like vintage specials in a new suit themselves.

Counting my tears is terrific, These Walls and This Time are beauties too. It is interesting to note the amount of songs that have the word tears in their titles. That should give you a bit of an indication on the subject material.

A lot of this album is classic bar room stuff. There will be so many old country fans and crooners clapping their hands and stomping their feet in jubilation. I have played it 6 times already. It only takes half an hour. Like a lot of old country songs, the songs are brief. They all have an impact though.

I reckon if you played it in the background at home, and people walked into your living room, they would think that they were back in the 50’s. What a trip.  Thank you, Joshua. I absolutely love it.


Counting My Tears

Mr Jukebox

Weird Thought Thinker

Let’s Take a Vacation

These Walls

I Never (shed a tear)

This Time

Don’t Waste Your Tears

Let Them Talk

When You Wish Upon A Star


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