Kaz’s playlist for ANZAC Week (If I was still on radio!)

Three Brothers (The Great War) – Luke O’Shea

The Man Across The Street – Amber Lawrence

Bottle Tree Lane – Brendon Walmsley

Poster Girl – Beccy Cole

Postcards from Saigon – James Blundell

Roses Fall – Allan Caswell and The Weeping Willows

The Beat of A Drum – Emma Jene

Suitcase – Phil Doublet

The Veteran – Dean Perrett

Margaret and Vera – Tracy Killeen

Too Dark For The Light Horse (Too Light For The Clan) Darren Coggan

Keep the Flame for Me – Craig Stewart

Leave Me There – Darren Colston

Broken Soldier – Beccy Cole

Letters From The Frontline – Darren Colston

Through the eyes of a boy – Wendy Wood

His Old Piano – Allan Caswell

Albany – Jo Caseley

Come Back Home – Dianna Corcoran

Note from a Soldier – Jayne Denham

I was only 19 – Redgum

The ANZAC – Adam Brand

Missing Heroes – Adam Harvey

ANZAC poetry/ Top 10

And the band played Waltzing Matilda – Eric Bogle

Ragged Bloody Heroes – NZ and Aus Versions – Luke O’Shea and The Medicine Wheel.

100 Year Handshake – Amber Lawrence

Montevideo Maru 1942 – Kylie Adams-Collier

Birthday Boy – Darren Coggan

Waltzing Matilda Still Makes Her Cry – Darren Coggan

Jungles of Vietnam – Reg Lindsay

Kokoda – Slim Dusty

Spirit of the ANZACS – Lee Kernaghan and Friends

100 Years the ANZAC – McAlister Kemp

Free John Zarb – John Flanagan Trio

Where Have All The Flowers Gone – Melissa Robertson

Poppy and Rosemary  – Kaz Johnson


Kaz’s Playlist if I was on the radio – Episode 7

Theme song: Luke O’Shea – Listen to the Words

Chalkie White – My song isn’t written yet

Rose Zita Falko – A Town called Lonely

Connie Kis Andersen – Unclouded Day

Andrew Swift – Georgia

Jodie Crosby – (I’d be) A Legend in My Time

Anthony Taylor – I’ll love her long

Col Finley – Jacaranda Tree

Susan Lily – You’re Gone

Sally-Anne Whitten – Tennessee Lullaby

Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes – It Tears Me Up (Everytime you tear me down)

The April Famiily – Don’t Walk Out Now

Roo Arcus – Cowboys are little boys first

Paul Costa – Chapter One

Dan Murphy – Grandpa’s Song

Adam and Brooke – Out of My Hands

Allan Caswell – It’s not over til it’s over

Amber Joy Poulton – In case you ever think of me

Sandra Humphries –  You drink

Rick Hart –  Shooting Star

Darren Colston – Come by chance

Tania Kernaghan – Light in the Window

8 Ball Aitken – Say you love me

Ben Ransom – Be with you tonight

Aleyce Simmonds – Anchor

Arna Georgia – Nowhere else to fall

Angus Gill – Hands are clean

Brad Butcher – Glasgow Train

Catherine Britt – Charlestown Road

Gretta Ziller – Let it Go

Ian Burns – Safe in the Arms of Love

Darren Coggan – Seventeen

The Bushwackers – Dirt Under My Nails

The Weeping Willows – Acorns

Melody Pool – Romantic Things




Episode 6 – Kaz’s Playlist if she was on Community Radio

Listen to the Words – Luke O’Shea (Theme Song)

We are playing duets and duos this week:

Little Pieces – Rick and Vanessa Hart

Forget Her – Jen Mize and Duncan Toombs

My Life Drives Me to Drink – Aleyce Simmonds and Lachlan Bryan

Fire and Ice – Andrew Swift and Catherine Britt

I’ll be home soon – Travis Sinclair and Sara Storer

Millionaires – Beccy Cole and Kasey Chambers

There’s A Heart In There – Jodie Crosby and Marius Reynolds

Trouble in The Fields – The Crosby Sisters

She Won’t Love You – Amber Joy Poulton and Amber Lawrence

P Plater – Angus Gill and Adam Harvey

Like Snow – Dana Hassall and Luke O’Shea

Let’s Grow Old Together – Dean Perrett and Aleyce Simmonds

Travellin’ Man – The Weeping Willows

True Blue – James Blundell and Tania Kernaghan

Lend A Hand – John O’Dea and Kevin Bennett

Inasmuch – Darren Coggan and Felicity

King of the Bar Room – Lee Forster and Stuie French

Wanda – Camille and Stuie

As above us, so below – Aleyce Simmonds and Shane Nicholson

Kiss me Better – The Long and Short of It

Boxes – Travis Collins and Amber Lawrence

High Hopes – Carpenter Caswell

Wearing White – Melinda Schneider and Mike Carr

Far Away – Lyn Bowtell and Damon Morton

Top 10

Gig Preview/Review

Banks of the Ohio/If Not for You/ Melinda Schneider and Beccy Cole

Fly in, Fly Out – Susan Lily and Darren Scott

Wide Brimmed Hat – Ashleigh Dallas and Rex Dallas

Dance the Night Away – Carter and Carter

Sometimes you just know – Drew McAlister and Rose Carleo

We Knew – Billy Bridge and Rebecca Lee Nye

Back to Earth – Marie Hodson and Lachlan Bryan

Misery and Pain – Sandra Humphries and Daniel Thompson

Luke O’Shea and Amber Lawrence – Catch You


Episode 5 – Playlist for Kaz’s Hypothetical Radio Show this week

Listen To The Words – Luke O’Shea (Theme Song)

The Roses Fall – Allan Caswell and The Weeping Willows

Meanwhile in Wilcannia – Paddy McHugh

Sweet Bird of Youth – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

My Rifle, My Pony and Me – Jen and Mark

Collide – Imogen Clark

My Voice – Melinda Schneider

Kindergarten Fete – Michael Waugh

Solitary Mind – Jess Holland

Sweet As You – 8 Ball Aitken

Footsteps Coming Home – Kate Hindle

Tears on a Page – Matt Scullion

King of the Saddle – Tyson Colman

Sweet English Rose – Kristy Cox

Same Song, Different Day – Ben Ransom

In Your Wildest Dreams – Amber Joy Poulton

Top 10

Gig Review

Here to Hear – Fanny Lumsden

The Highway – Michaela Jenke

The Wreckage – Melody Moko

The Freight Train Song – Arna Georgia

A Good Book and a Good Hook   – Billy Pitt and Jarrod Hickling

Mountainside – The Wilson Pickers

It’s Ok to be me – Tyson Lucas

Back to Blue – Jase Lansky

Hello – Jodie Crosby

Free Spirited Girl – Susan Lily

Watch it Burn – Sally-Anne Whitten

Unforgiven Sins – Andrew Swift

She’s Your Mother – Col Finley

Pour me the bottle – Anthony Taylor

The Treehouse Song – Aleyce Simmonds



Episode 4 – Playlist if I was on Community Radio this week

Listen to the Words – Theme Song – Luke O’Shea

Gingerbread Man – Chalkie White

Coming Down With Something – Kris Cummins

Drop on By – 8 Ball Aitken

Midnight Carousel – Arna Georgia

Bad Case of the Blues – Amber Joy Poulton

Staring out the back of a car – Angus Gill, Kevin Bennett and Amos Morris

Sail Away – Ashleigh Dallas

You’re The Reason Why – Ben Ransom

Oh Marie – Brad Butcher

Huckleberry – Dan Murphy

Hank’s Last Meal – Bill Chambers

Freedom on the Road – Tracy Coster and Beccy Cole

Safe in the Arms of Love – Ian Burns

This is Gonna Hurt – Gretta Ziller

Top 10

Gig Review/Preview

North Wind – The Weeping Willows

Cowboy Hat of Mine – Jess Holland

Fare Thee Well – Gary Hammond

Your Anything at all – Imogen Clark

My Version of the Truth – Allan Caswell

Patsy Cline x 2 – The April Family

Meanwhile in Wilcannia – Paddy McHugh

Going Down Swinging – Melody Moko

Australian Heartbeat – Drew McAlister

On the Other Side Of Midnight – Connie Kis Andersen

Believe – Aleyce Simmonds

Georgia – Andrew Swift

You Can’t Hide From A Broken Heart – Sally-Anne Whitten

I Hope That I’m Wrong – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Musical Journey – Susan Lily

One too many – Marie Hodson

Take a little drive – The Davidson Brothers


Episode 3 – Playlist if I was on Community Radio This Week – Country – 3 hours

Listen to the Words – Luke O’Shea (regular intro song)

Far Away – Lyn Bowtell and Damon Morton

I Hear Everything – James Stewart Keene

Apple Tree – 8 Ball Aitken

Tough as Geranium – Susan Lily

He’s A Writer of Songs – Melissa Robertson

Sweet Bird of Youth – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Tennessee Lullaby – Sally-Anne Whitten

Runaway Train – Andrew Swift

Above the Blue – Col Finley

Broken – Jodie Crosby

I’ll Love Her Long – Anthony Taylor

Top 10

Gig Reviews

Sweet Emmylou – Rick Hart

Bob Dylan – Allison Forbes

Hands are Clean – Angus Gill

Gingerbread Man – Chalkie White

Broke and Single – Arna Georgia

In Case You Ever Think of Me – Amber Joy Poulton

Stand Tall – Carter and Carter

All Said Done – Brad Butcher

Hero Just The Same – Allan Caswell

Lay with Me – Adam and Brooke

Heartland – Ben Ransom

Hanking About You – Dan Murphy

Until We Meet Again – Darren Coggan

The Veteran – Dean Perrett

Man in the Mirror – Doug Bruce

Bourbon Every Time – Carpenter Caswell

Thank God There is a Train – Catherine Britt

Sgt Bean – Melinda Schneider

Fly Away – Darren Colston

My Sweet Lady – John Denver

Leather and Les Paul – Jade Holland

Round and Round – Gretta Ziller


Playlist if I was on Country Radio week 2

This week’s playlist on hypothetical Kaz programme – Listen To The Words (3 hours)

Listen to the Words – Luke O’Shea

It Tears Me Up (Everytime you turn me down) – Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes

Someone You Know So Well – Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes

You Can’t Hide From a Broken Heart – Sally-Anne Whitten

Runaway Train – Andrew Swift

Fire and Ice – Andrew Swift and Catherine Britt

All The Time (I Only Want You) Khristian Mizzi

When Rail Was King – Susan Lily

Tough as Geranium – Susan Lily

Idol – Col Finley

History of Us – Jodie Crosby

Pastor’s Daughter – Anthony Taylor

Gypsy White Moon – The Long and The Short of It

Levon Helm – Rick Hart

Talk of the Town – Clelia Adams

Montevideo Maru 1942 – Kylie Adams-Collier

Train Wreck Blues – Rory Phillips

Album Reviews/ Top 10

Women and Wine – Cazna Goodall

Don’t Walk Out Now – The April Family

Queen of Boomtown – Gretta Ziller

Let’s Get Out Of Here – Roo Arcus

Church on the Hill – Roo Arcus

Gig Review/Preview

Fisherman’s Daughter – Peter Dawson

My Soundtrack – Matt Cornell

Great Mighty Murray – Lloyd Clarke

High on High – John Flanagan

Lessons Learned – Tyson Lucas

The Wreckage – Melody Moko

On the otherside of midnight – Connie Kis Andersen

The Next Thing That You Hear – Allan Caswell

Outta My Own Way – Matt Scullion

River of Gold – The Weeping Willows

Every River – Harry Hookey

– The Man Across The Street  – Amber Lawrence

The Best Liar In Town – Amber Joy Poulton –

Crawl, Beg and Cry – Brad Butcher

The Captain – Kasey Chambers

Dream Him Home – Melinda Schneider

Fly Away – Darren Colston

Pride of Erin – Luke O’Shea


New Feature! Playlist if I was on Country Radio Week 1 18/2/2018

If I had a 3hour gig on country radio, this is what I would play…..a week by week description – I would call it Listen To The Words (after the Luke O’Shea song, if that is ok, Lukie).

In between songs, I would tell some funny stories, do a quick summary of album reviews and the top ten for the week and a gig guide. Maybe I could fit in an interview or two.

This week:

Listen To The Words – Luke O’Shea (Intro song)

Baling Twine and Tapping – Michael Waugh

Tennessee Lullaby – Sally Anne Whitten

Candle For A Cowboy – Anthony Taylor

Stranger is A Friend – Col Finley

Broken – Jodie Crosby

Lindy Loo – 8 Ball Aitken

Glad – Adam and Brooke

Be With You Tonight – Ben Ransom

Big Black Car – Brendan Smoother

Last Word On My Lips – Aleyce Simmonds

Grave Robber’s Daughter – Tori Forsyth

Careless Hearts – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Nowhere Else To Fall – Arna Georgia

Roll On – Fanny Lumsden

Travelling Man – The Weeping Willows

Classic –  Patches – Brendon Walmsley

Pages of Us – The April Family

High Hopes – Carpenter Caswell

Inasmuch – Darren Coggan and Felicity

In Case You Ever Think of Me – Amber Joy Poulton

Before We Say Goodbye – Angus Gill

Mark My Words – Brad Butcher

February Sky – Lloyd Clarke

The Happiness Tree – Darren Colston

Classic –  Up On His Shoulders – Mike Carr

Where My Heart Used To Be – Sandra Humphries

All The Rivers In Between – Pete Dawson

Gone – Allison Forbes

Little Pieces – Rick Hart and Vanessa Hart

Aussie Legends Triple Play:

Beccy Cole – Opposite Prayers

Melinda Schneider – Real People

Adam Harvey – Lady Lay Down

He’s A Writer Of Songs – Melissa Robertson

Miss You Much – Susan Lily

Sing You Up – Luke O’Shea to finish!