Totally Biased Fan Reviews – Gigs from the last few weeks

The last couple of weekends have been full on. I have seen Fanny Lumsden, Small Town Romance and Mitch Power in one of the most unique gigs that you could ever see, complete with Totem Tennis, great music and interaction with the audience like no other gig that I have been to! This was at the Spotted Mallard – affectionately known as the Duck – in Brunswick. It was a fun night full of lots of hits, mainly from Fanny’s current album but also a few faves from the first one. She’s a great entertainer. Small Town Romance were a great support act as well.

Sunday saw us going to Prince of Wales Hotel in St Kilda to see Matt Dwyer and we had some great blues singalongs and a few country classics. We would have like to have listened to more but we had the Davidson Brothers gig at The Spotted Mallard (again) and it was worth going to….a free gig and we were very lucky to hear them at full throttle. A great afternoon of lots of hits from their Golden Guitar Award winning album.

On to The Spotted Mallard again the next weekend with Tori Forsyth’s preview of her soon to be released album and supports in the highest degree with Aleyce Simmonds, our Golden Girl and Lachlan Bryan who released his latest album today (review soon) and one Wilde. It was a beaut night even though it was a long day for me. It was worth it. Three great acts in a beaut venue.

There are lots more great gigs coming up…will report in soon…..spoiled for choice…..God, it is like going to Tamworth….lots on at the same time!


New posts coming soon:

Reviews of gigs from the last few weeks……new albums coming up soon from Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes, Andrew Swift and many more…..more gigs coming up….feature play list each week, a new batch of those mad Kaz Profiles and don’t forget to read Down Under Beats on the blog as well for some other stuff about Australian Indie country artists……